Investment Incentives

Investment Incentives

Some Incentives are straight forward under some conditions while some other are granted upon application.

The major’s ones are:

  • 25% CIT reduction for Enterprises in the real estate, industrial; agricultural, forestry, mining, tourism, and Industry
  • Investments for existing company above should be 1 Million XAF minimum for other sectors and 5 Million XAF minimum for agriculture sector
  • Exoneration of business license for newly incorporated companies for incorporation year and for next 2 years
  • Newly incorporated company in industrial; agricultural, forestry, mining, tourism, Industrial Fixed Assets can temporarily benefit from CIT exoneration for a period up to 5 years
  • Capital Gain is not subject to CIT if reinvested within three years. If not they are added back and taxed.
  • An investment chart guaranties funds repatriation for non-resident companies
  • Some customs duties exoneration exists for new companies in specific sectors

Last Update: 27th, of November 2023