Investment Incentives

Investment Incentives

Specific tax, social and custom regimes have been introduced for economic zones, such as Mandji Island and Nkok, to promote new investment in industry, commerce and services.

Upon application when granted,

  • 10-year corporate tax exemption for new companies set up in the zones, and a 25-year exemption from withholding tax, VAT, property tax and import duty.
  • Ability to freely recruit foreign employees in the economic zone.
  • Exoneration of lump sum minimum tax of 1 million XAF, for newly registered companies for 2 years
  • Legal guarantees, such as no discrimination between enterprises owned by nationals and those owned by foreigners and no expropriation or nationalization without just and equitable prior compensation as determined by an independent third party
  • Investments in activities sectors like tourism, construction are exonerated from VAT when they invest more that 300 million XAF

Last Update : 29 of July 2021