Social Security Contributions

Social security(N.S.I.F)

Social security contribution is levied on salary. It includes an employer and employer contribution

All salary elements considered as remuneration of work performed by employee, including benefit in kind assessed with taxable percentage constitutes basis of social security contribution.

Only do not constitute basis of social security elements considered as expenses reimbursement, commonly call professional fees.

Table below summarizes rates and contributors:

Contributions to :

Rate - Contributor




Family Allowances

3.7, 5.65%, 7%

Rate depends on nature of activity. 7% is commonly applied

Pension and disability



Work related accident and sickness

1,75% / 5%

Rate depends on nature of activity, and risk

Basis is capped at 9.000.000 per year (750.000 per month) for family allowances; pension and disability contribution.

Last update : 27 of November 2023