Payroll processing

What is it?

Payroll processing refers to all action taken in view of compensating employee input into a company, Employee sells its know how or manpower against salary and other advantages. Because tax and social consequences it entails in the restitution of their due, payroll needs particular attention, and requires that input and output are credible and accurate.

How relevant are inputs?

Some questions are to be addressed for payroll processing regarding input:

  • Is there a salary scale, and what is the periodicity admitted by law for payroll?
  • Is the employee having a labor contract legalized if the law obliges to do so?
  • Is the employee an expatriate? Has be a work permit?
  • Is the registration number for social security or to others institution a must?
  • Are the indirect advantages taken into account in the payroll as benefit?
  • Are all the benefits identified and included into payroll for tax purposes
  • What are the limits allowed by law for tax optimization?
  • What are components of termination package?

How relevant are outputs?

Some questions are to be addressed for payroll processing regarding output:

  • What are the payments means authorized by law for the net salary?
  • Are taxes and social security contribution deductibles and retained at sources?
  • What are the limitations for deduction in case of loan, or salary advance?
  • Is the payslip containing all information as per the law?
  • Is it a law requirement for a monthly and an annual payslip?
  • Should employee expect some documents from employer at year end for its annual tax declaration?
  • What are the reports needed for tax, social security and other institutions purposes?

We do it

Our long experience in the management of local and expatriates issues regarding salary and related rights leads us to understand that knowledge of local environment regarding law and regulations is the keystone of payroll treatment. All this combine into software specifically setup help to comply to it, and to get reliable output.