Tax Compliance

What is it?

Each tax administration in CEMAC zone has defined how taxes payables are to be calculated and pay periodically and annually. Some of them are simple, while some others may be very complex. Tax payers need to know the items that constitute tax determination basis, and applicable rate, so that what they apply is in line with tax office requirements.

What is the purpose?

Tax compliance is good as you:

  • Pay exactly what tax law requires
  • Avoid corporate tax assessment with related penalties
  • Make accurate forecast of treasury budget
  • Reduce or eliminate time of catch up procedures of over or less payment
  • Clear upfront possible litigations with employees, suppliers and other third parties for indirect taxes.

We do it

Our Experience in Tax compliance over the 5 out 6 CEMAC countries enables to bring you the relevant support. Through the tools we have built, we have itemized determination basis and updated, instruments that do not only bring you to be fully compliant, but also ease your end of period declaration workload.