Investment Incentives

Investment Incentives

The tax incentive agreement for private investment applies to investment operations related to the creation, extension, renewal, renewal of assets and transformation of activities carried out in Cameroon.

At the request of the promoters and when granted in accordance with the investment charter procedure,

  • During the installation phase, exemption for 5 years of registration duties, transfer duty, customs duties and value added tax for certain items
  • During the operational phase, exemptions and reductions for 10 years of the minimum tax, corporate tax, customs duties on certain items and other taxes.
  • Exemption from the Business license tax for newly incorporated enterprises for 2 years
  • 50% reduction in corporate tax for companies with a turnover of less than XAF 100 million and a member of an approved management Centre.
  • Stock exchange listed companies benefit from substantial IS exemptions
  • Companies operating under the Free Zone, or the industrial free point, benefit from significant tax exemptions.
  • Certain business sectors and affected geographical areas benefit from specific exemptions

Last update : 27 of November 2023