Accounting, tax and financial outsourcing

What is this about?

It is an approach that involves delegating to a service provider outside the company some or all the accounting, taxation, and financial reporting that results from a company’s transactions.

Thus are transmitted to the service provider, all accounting documents, bank account statements, cash statements, and all other financial information enabling him to produce accounting and tax statements, or report intended for associates, administrations and beneficiaries.

What does the outsourcing company gain?

  • It discharges from low value-added activities to focus on their core business
  • It benefits from the expertise of competent and experienced professionals
  • It Reduces its costs related to accounting management
  • Absence of interruption of service (holidays, sickness, maternity), since based on an entity and not a physical person
  • Independence and impartiality in advices as opposed to a subordinate employee

We do it

Our experience in managing remote accounting transactions gives us a certain legitimacy in the management of outsourced client portfolios. This results into our software tooling allowing us to:

  • Automatically record accounting data generated or put in the form of spreadsheets
  • Process payroll, and return statements to the client company
  • Edit accounting and financial statements using tools tailored to customer needs
  • Process tax and social declarations efficiently and quickly thanks to interactive tools with dedicated platforms
  • Follow up on imputations, reminders, claim