CHAD – One-Stop Shop For Companies Creation In Chad

CHAD – One-Stop Shop For Companies Creation In Chad

The OHADA uniform act related to commercial corporate law and the Economic Interest Group(EIG) submits the formation of a trading company to certain legal requirements.

Chad set up via order N ° 037 / PR / PM / MCI / 2010, the Companies Formalities Center ( CFC) which includes within it a single window of new business start-up and the follow up of existing ones. This structure administratively topped by the national agency of the investments and the exports.

Its missions consist to:

  • Centralize in a unique place the collection of the documentation for the creation, and to the administrative acts of the life of the company
  • Verify the required documentation in compliance with legal requirements and assure the coordination with the single window
  • Watch over the diligence of the treatment of files by the various concerned administrations.

The documentation concerning new business start-up contains:

  • The personal identification documents of the manager, partners/shareholders
  • Acts giving birth to the company in creation, its identification and its address and phone number
  • A technical agreement for specialized activities
  • Legal fees as per the company structure information

Finally, it should be noted that the constitution of a commercial company according to OHADA uniform act has to be made with a solicitor. Moreover, article 64 of the decree n°630 / PR / MJ / 96, of November 22nd, 1996 related to the status of the solicitors in Republic of the Chad stipulates that: ” the acts of commercial organizations must be authenticated along the front of solicitor “

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